TL200 Exception Harman Wood Stove

Harman Exception Wood Stove
The World's Easiest-To-Use Wood Stove

The Harman Exception Wood Stove is the first steel wood stove that gives you the convenience of a top-loading door. Just lift the top and place your wood inside. The Exception’s smoke-free design draws smoke down through the stove, so you don’t get any unwanted smoke spillage into your room.

The Exception’s supersized ash pan means you don’t have to empty the ashes nearly as often. And with a full-sized grate, you can remove the ashes while the fire is still burning. Simply open the ash door to remove and replace the ash pan. What could be easier?

The Exception isn’t just an outstanding source of heat; it also has the styling and appearance to complement your living space. The freestanding Exception includes such features as decorative laser-cut detailing of the side panels and top and optional gold trim. The Exception insert has the option of a decorative hood and attractive ceramic wing tiles. With your choice of colors, either Exception will be a welcome addition to your home.

The Exception’s combustion system produces very even heat and long burn times. Unburned gases pass into the afterburner chamber, where they are mixed with air and burned at very high temperatures. The design is so clean-burning that it meets tough EPA standards without the need for a catalyst. Plus, there’s even a special little window in the rear of the chamber so you can see how afterburning works.

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