Harman TL300 Wood Stove

The TL300 brings a new level of convenience to wood burning. The top loading feature makes it easier to load more wood into the firebox for longer burns and more heat output. A single lever handle opens and closes the top load door and damper in one motion so that smokeless loading can occur. The super sized ash pan makes ash handling easy as well. While most stoves require ash removal every 3 to 5 days, the TL300 will hold more than 2 weeks worth of ashes burning around the clock!

The TL300 converts to an open fireplace with the optional cozy screen in place so you can enjoy the ambiance of a crackling fire. And if you enjoy the flavor of natural wood fire cooking, you will love using the cooking grill and rotisserie options. Grilling in the winter has never been so easy!

  • Top and Front Loading
  • Supersized Ash Pan - means less emptying
  • New FireDome Combustion System
  • 8-17 Hour Burn Times
  • Very Steady Heat Output
  • Large 3 Cubic Ft. Capacity Firebox
  • Outside Air Kit Ready
  • Cooking Grill
  • Custom Colors
  • Harman Rotisserie
  • Cozy Screen
  • Door Holder
  • Blower (105 cfm)
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Trim Kit
  • Decorative Tile and Trim
  • Available colors:
    Metallic Blue
    Mojave Red
    Forest Green