Discovery Small Gas Fireplace

The Discovery DVS Fireplace is an ideal built-in heating solution. It is built with a direct vent design to take combustion air from outside the home through the outer ring of a double-wall pipe and exhaust through the inner ring of the same pipe - an efficient system that does not use room air for combustion. It's 80% efficient with natural gas or 80.5% with propane, and the Discovery is furnace rated, unlike many "decorative" gas fireplaces. The patented Ember-FyreTM burner simulates a wood fire so closely, your guests will assume you are burning wood! Standard equipment includes a powerful variable speed blower that allows you to distribute heat up to 1,.500 square feet. Use the Discovery DVS fireplace as a zone heater, and heat only the room where you spend most of your time, or use it to heat a modest sized dwelling all by itself. Black face and door is standard or choose a pewter, antique gold or 24 karat gold optional door.

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