Harman P68

Harman P68 Pellet Stove
You recognize it immediately. The shape, the name, the quality.  Yet this is unmistakable new.  The
Harman P68 is the first 0 to 68,000 BTU pellet stove on the market today.  The Harman P68's technology, workmanship, and looks are so revolutionary that within the first week of its presentation to the public, the Harman P68 had competed for and WON the coveted Vesta Award.  This award confirms to the world that the Harman P68 is undeniably the most innovative pellet stove in the marketplace today.   

The P68 epitomizes the capability of Harman Pellet Stoves.  Taking advantage of Harman's 20 years of experience in pellet stove design, technology, and craftsmanship in manufacturing.  This 68,000 BTU stove has the highest BTU output of any pellet stove ever, the smartest controls, widest heating range, and minimal maintenance for the homeowner.

The P68's huge BTU output is managed by a microprocessor generations apart from all others that will sense the room temperature and the fire temperature with tiny thermistor probes and then determine the best feed rate to keep the temperature comfortable and steady at where you set it.  This improved and smarter control also has a newly engineered diagnostic port for connecting an external display showing live working data for easier troubleshooting should the need ever arise.

Our platinum combination of Harman's Patented Feeder, Burn Pot, and ESP Control have been developed to their highest state ever.  The Harman P68's technology and craftsmanship works together in harmony improving performance, efficiency and conserving fuel regardless the pellet fuels quality.  All pellet fuel will have differences great or small in ash content and moisture. The Harman P68 easily overcomes these differences to deliver its astounding and steady heat to your home.

From the tactile quality of the newly improved door handle, to the details lasered and etched on the accessories, the Harman P68 is clearly in a class all its own.

The Harman P68 Features:

  • New Look
  • New Door Latch
  • Improved ESP Control
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Room Sensor
  • Patented Feeder
  • Patented Burn Pot
  • Large Ash Pan
  • Swing open Ash Door
  • Accordion Heat Exchanger
  • Air-Cooled Combustion Blower
  • Direct Vent
  • Super Easy Cleaning
  • Over 127 sq. inches of glass

Harman P68 Options:

  • Side Heat Shields
  • Hopper Extension
  • Decorative Tiles
  • Decorative Etched Slate
  • Gold Accessory Kit
  • Ceramic Log Set