Hot Tubs

Choose the right spa for you. Every body is different, each with it's own unique needs and hydrotherapy requirements. Sometimes a gentle, wide-body massage is desired for general relaxation and stress relief, other times a penetrating high velocity flow is needed to invigorate and relieve tired or aching muscles.

Maximize the Benefits of Hot Water Hydrotherapy with Hydropool's "Versa Massage". Hydropool's unique "Versa Massage" combines the benefits of all of the best jet sizes, types and designs available, ensuring you receive the customized massage just right for you. With the simple touch of a button, the swing of the Hydropool diverter valve, or turn of the adjustable jets, your Hydropool can be converted from a gentle soothing all-body massage to a invigorating, penetrating massage specifically targeted to the muscles of your choice.

Full force, gentle massage, or somewhere in between... the Hydropool "Versa Massage" gives you the choice' to select your desired level of intensity.


banner1.gifHydropool spas are self-contained, ready to use units, requiring only an electrical hook up by a qualified electrician. No houshold plumbing connections are necessary.

The spa, in its attractive cedar cabinet, can be placed on an existing wood deck, concrete patio, or any level supporting surface.

Simply have your Hydropool Spa placed in the desired location, electrically connect, fill with a garden hose and enjoy that night.

Minimal maintenance is required...only 2-3 minutes per week. Standard Hydropool ozonator will reduce sanitizing chemical requirements to only a few dollars a month.

Hydropool's extra thick double layer insulation, tapered insulating hardcover and 7 day programmable timer results in Hydropool being one of the most energy efficient spas available, operated and heated for only pennies a day.

Hydropool's lightweight, tapered and locking safety hardcover keeps the heat in and animals out.

Hydropool's thick 2 lb closed cell foam and double layer insulation was designed to withstand the coldest Canadian winter. The motors' heat circulates around the spa, minimizing the operating time of the electrical heater, thereby keeping operating costs to a minimum.