TLC 2000

Top Load Coal Stove, Cook Stove, Fireplace Stove. The stove of the millennium.  The TLC 2000, a coal stove that can be converted to a fireplace stove and burn wood, plus serve as a cooking grill, TLC 2000 is a convenient, dependable, and attractive new member of the family of stoves.  In addition, the TLC 2000 requires no electricity, guaranteeing its performance through a power loss.  And with the industry's largest glass door for easy viewing, a cozy fireplace screen insert, and an optional air grill, the TLC 2000 is the only stove you'll ever need.
Top Load Coal Stove
Top Loading to make it easy as possible for you to add coal to your fire, The TLC 2000 is the ultimate in convenience.  The TLC's extra-large ash door makes it simple to remove ashes and an oversize ash pan allows longer intervals between ash removals.  Coal can burn up to 60 hours with the TLC, and the Harman Grate System enables the TLC to provide its users with optimal airflow and outstanding burn characteristics.  Clean glass is maintained with the special Harman air-wash system.

Cook Stove
A cooking grill is available for a perfectly grilled meal any time of year, take advantage of the TLC 2000's easy-to-use cooking grill.  Cook on coal for the taste of a charcoal grill, or add a bit of your favorite wood for extra flavor.  The culinary deights which await you are endless.

Wood-Burning Fireplace
Nothing beats the ambiance and warmth of a real log fire, and the TLC 2000 can be easily converted to a wood-burning fireplace.  Simply open the TLC's glass door, put its optional fireplace screen in place, and you're ready to enjoy the soothing crackle of burning wood.  When you want the effect of a real wood fire "nothing" beats the "real thing".

The Stove Of The Millennium

The TLC 2000 Difference

  • Easy Top Loading.
  • Convenient Top Lift Handle.
  • Burns Up To 60 Hours.
  • Large Ash Pan.
  • Largest Glass On Any Coal Stove.
  • Glass Stays Cleaner.
  • Converts To Wood Burning Fireplace W/Optional Screen.
  • Optional Blower.**
  • Optional Battery Backup System.
  • Optional Top Air Grill.
  • Optional Top Cooking Grill.
  • Optional Gold Door.
  • Optional Gold Ash Lip.
  • Optional Hot Water Coil.
  • Standard Limited 6 Year 100% Transferable Warranty.

Legacy most versatile stove ever, the TLC 2000 can burn three different sizes of coal, converts to a wood fireplace, and features a convenient cooking grill.  And, because it requires no electricity, the TLC 2000 is guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable in case of a blackout.