The "Luna"

Finnleo keeps raising the bar on its stunning Designer series saunas. The “Luna” is no exception. Earlier Finnleo Designer models blended the
beautifully designed Saunatonttu heater into eye catching sauna layouts. The “Luna”, also designed around the Saunatonttu heater, may be our most eye catching sauna yet.

• The unique protruding-V design of the front wall gives this sauna a noticeable
European look
• The triangular front wall of wood and glass provides attractive symmetry inside
and out
• “The Saunatonttu” is the focal point of the sauna interior
• With center wall placement,the heater disperses the heat and steam softly
and evenly throughout the room for maximum comfort
• Lower bench is designed around the heater giving a dramatic look highlighting
the world’s greatest heater
• Rounded bench faces complement the curves of the heater
• Nordic Pine (shown) and Nordic White Spruce (standard) give the sauna an
upscale Scandinavian look
• Abachi benches and backrests match the Nordic Whitewoods and assure the
benches are comfortable to the bathers’ touch