Patio Sauna

  • The Patio Sauna takes the popularity of the Sisu series a step further by offering the sauna as a portable, two-piece unit.
  • All the Patio saunas come pre-built in two pieces designed to be locked together with cam latches and ready for power hook-up in a matter of minutes.
  • The 4 x 6 and 4 x 5 saunas can fit through a 26-inch doorway; the 5 x 7 will fit through a standard 32-inch doorway.
  • Custom sizes are also available.
  • The saunas come standard with cedar runners, so that they may be placed outside (pool decks, patios, etc.)
  • When used outdoors, the saunas require the addition of a roof kit, or they must be placed under cover.

Roof Kits

Like the Patio saunas themselves, the roof kits have a simple design to keep turnaround time to a minimum.

  • The roof kit is made in four basic sections. Two gable ends are pre-built and ready to install, and two modular roof panels are ready to place on the gable end supports.
  • The modular roof panels come complete with the T&G already installed on the underside to give the soffit a complete and finished look.
  • Roofs come standard with plywood ready for shingle installation.
  • Optional pre-installed cedar shingles, complete with tar paper and roof flashing installed, are also available.
  • With this new modular roof system, a sauna roof can now be installed in 30 minutes or less.

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