Rumford 1000

Renaissance Fireplaces manufactures the award winning Renaissance Rumford.  These open hearth wood fireplace design offers major advantages over a traditional open fireplace.  The hideaway guillotine door allows you to enjoy your fireplace with the door open or closed - without altering your view of the flames.

When burned with the guillotine door open the Renaissance Rumford is an instant mood creator; the crackle of a beautiful fire, tall vibrant flames and the lowest emissions ever seen from an open fireplace.  When the door is closed it transforms into a more efficient fireplace by preventing the loss of heated room air, and the open hearth is so clean burning it meets the toughest EPA fireplace emission standards.

Finally, we’ve brought open fireplaces into the 21st century. Enjoy the ambiance of an open fire and the peace of mind that comes with very low emissions for a more sustainable environment.

The Renaissance Rumford is so clean burning that with normal air-dried firewood there is typically no visible smoke within two minutes of lighting the fire, even with the door open.

Based on independent certification testing:

Renaissance emissions with the door open are not higher than 3.4 grams/kilogram. Approximately 70% less than a typical fireplace with the door open.
Renaissance emissions with the door closed are not higher than 1.0 grams/kilogram. Approximately 90% less than a typical fireplace with the door closed.
With its hideaway door, the Renaissance is the ultimate clean-face, wood-burning fireplace. The mechanical parts disappear, leaving a gorgeous herringbone firebox and providing a clean canvas for the finishing designer.

Technical information

Outside Dimensions 51”W X 79 ½”H X 27 ½“D
Firebox Opening Dimensions 28 ¼” W X 29” H
Weight (ship wt add 70 lbs) 756 lbs
Firewood Length (1)
Varies depending upon stacking method
Emissions w/ Door Open 3.00 grams/kilogram
Emissions w/ Door Closed 1.00 grams/kilogram
Glass Size 1023 in2
Guillotine Door Ceramic Glass
Firescreen Guillotine Design
Andirons Cast Iron
Ash Pan Not Available
Options None
Chimney 10" RIS
Gas Log Provision ( 2 ) YES
Outside Air ( 3 ) 4", meets R2000
Mobile Home Approved NO
Touch-up Paint Stove Bright Metallic Black
Minimum Ceiling Height