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Royalton Wood Burning Fireplace

Royalton Wood Burning Fireplace

The Royalton wood-burning fireplace delivers radiant heat without the need for smoke baffles that block your view of the fire. Its traditional style comes in two sizes with either a radiant or circulating face


Radiant and Circulating Facings
Two looks to choose from — Two fireplace facings deliver either a clean face or louvered look to best suit your room decor.

Full Refractory Firebox
Durable, realistic look — With a complete refractory brick lining, the Royalton’s firebox is easy to clean, and its brick pattern brings a classic style to your hearth.

Two Gas Knockouts
Easy adaptability — With openings for a gas line on either side of the firebox, you can easily add an optional gas log set to your wood-burning fireplace.

Ash Management System

Clean and convenient — The heavy duty lift-up grate makes ash removal simple, while the built-in ash lip keeps soot and cinders from spilling out of the fireplace.

Up to 830 sq. in. of Viewing Area
Expansive viewing area — With up to 830 sq. in. of viewing area, friends and family can enjoy the lovely flame picture from almost anywhere in the room.
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