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9 HP Pro DR Stump Grinder

9 HP Pro DR Stump Grinder

Our most powerful Stump Grinder model!

With the power of a 9 HP Subaru engine and carbide-tipped cutting teeth, the DR Stump Grinder is ideal for the biggest, toughest stumps. Extra power makes the job go smoother and faster. This model is for big jobs, commercial use, or getting the job done extra fast.

With a DR Stump Grinder you don’t have to put up with any stump, no matter where it is on your property. Don't struggle with back-breaking and time consuming methods of stump removal like digging by hand, ripping out with a tractor, burning, chemicals.

Compact and maneuverable, the DR Stump Grinder can operate most anywhere. The adjustable handlebars keep the operator comfortably in control. With a simple, rugged design and few moving parts, this machine will be around for many years.

  • Makes fast, easy work of any size stump
  • Easy to use -- just start it and go
  • Rolls on large tires for easy transport
  • Mining-grade cutter teeth are built to last

Machine: 2 years residential / 90 days commercial
Engine: 3 years residential / 3 years commercial