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Hitzer Model 503 Fireplace Insert

The efficient coal burning Model 503 fireplcae insert offers these options: gold door, brass trim and color - black, charcoal, honey glo brown, metallic blue or forest green.
Quality Features:
Gravity fed hopper system for anthracite coal
Hopper holds 35 pounds of coal
Hopper, cast iron shaker grates and ash pan are removeable
Cast iron door with ROBAX glass
Firebrick lined
Firebox and top 1/4 inch steel construction
11 gage steel exterior
Efficient burning
Two, recessed 100 c.f.m. blowers
Tested to U.L. Standard 737
Up to 2,500 sq. ft. heating capacity
Keeping you and your home warm - efficiently - is the highlight of the Model 983. The design effectively takes advantage of convection heating (warm air rising to displace cool air) due to a variety of efficiency systems.
Air intake controls
Air flows into the firebox at the ash tray and spinner controls at fire level and above the doors. This promotes efficient combustion as well as secondary burning of gases.
100 C.F.M. blowers
Left and right side blowers draw in surrounding air, circulate it around the firebox, and push it out the warm air exists
Directional baffles
16 baffles efficiently guide air in and around the plenum area. At the same time, they provide more surface to capture heat for transfer to your home.
Damper control
This easily regulated control permits more efficient burning of fuel. By precise control of air flow, fuel lasts longer and less heat escapes up the chimney. 










Model 503:
26 3/4"
19 1/2"
Weight: 600 lbs

Dimensional requirements are minimum 24 1/2" H x 30 1/2" W x 14" D fireplace. Maximum fireplace size is 28" H x 38" W (with standard 6" shroud) .