Legacy SF270

Legacy SF270
The Legacy Stoves SF270 Boiler is a flexible and powerful heating option. An optional domestic hot water coil lets you supplement home heating with hot water, too.
  • 120,000 BTUs — heats 2,100 to 4,200 square feet, based on climate and home efficiency
  • Legacy Grate System extends heating by completely burning fuel to fine ash
  • Spiral chamber ensures consistent heat levels
  • Pea, nut or stove-sized coal
  • Forced draft fan option - boosts output to 180,000 BTU!
  • New! High quality powder coat finish!
  • New! 55% more heat exchange surface area than the SF260 and 33% more than the SF360 (the SF160/SF260/SF360 are discontinued models)
  • New! ASME H stamp included!
  • New! Underwriters Laboratories listed!

Powerful and Efficient
The SF170 and SF270 boilers are compact, flexible and powerful hot water
boilers with a broad heat output range. A domestic hot water coil lets you
supplement home heating with hot water, too.

Advanced Design
Maintenance on the SF170/270 is simple. Horizontal water tubes add strength
and additional thermal efficiency. A large ash tub provides less frequent ash
removal. Intuitive user controls are easily accessible and offer automatic
temperature management.

Old Fashioned Value
Compare our product weight versus the competition at the same BTU output.
We use heavier plate throughout our product lines. Rugged, over-engineered
stoves, furnaces and boilers are a longstanding tradition for Legacy Stoves.

Fuel flexibility is also outstanding, with the option to use pea, nut or stove
sized anthracite coal. Lump bituminous and graded bituminous coals may also
be used.