Ariens Platinum Series

Ariens Platinum Series
When it packs in and piles up, elevate your game to Platinum status. Loaded with convenient features, unquestionable power and unmatched performance, this snow blower proves you’re the boss of the blizzard boardroom. If we made throwing snow any easier, we would personally be throwing it for you. Ideal for clearing up to 16 inches of snowfall.?

Housing (21") / Auger Diameter (14")
With all-steel construction and a large, powerful auger, this thing doesn't just grab snow. It inhales it, and stays hungry for more.
Ariens AX Engine
The low profile design and quiet operation are great. For at least three years, we guarantee you don't have to worry about this engine starting up.
Heated Handwarmers
Give us a nice, toasty high-five for this idea. Dash-controlled, heated handwarmers keep your mitts cozy and comfortable.
Quick Turn Chute
The Ariens quick turn chute gives you 200 degree directional control, straight from the dashboard.
SHO Impeller
SHO stands for Super High Output. Which means when this 14", 3-blade, high-speed monster throws, it delivers a knockout punch.
Auto-Turn Steering Technology
Auto-Turn Steering Technology allows you to clear a path with the ease of sports car handling. Because you should be in control of the machine.

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