Gravely Pro-Turn 200 Series

Gravely Pro-Turn 200 Series
Simple math says that 400 is greater than 200. This machine is out to prove otherwise. 
The Pro-Turn 200 has the same DNA, determination and dapper new design as the 400 while delivering signature, Gravely performance. 

  • 7-gauge, all-steel, welded X-Factor® Deck is fabricated from top to bottom, with an exclusive limited lifetime warranty.
  • Full suspension seat for added lateral stability and improved durability, with vibration control and 4-inch seat slide.
  • Exclusive Constant Belt Tension System (CBT) ensures that belt tension is constant, and your blade tip speed is consistent.
  • Deck level design features a simple four-point adjustment and uses half the parts and zero deck hanging welds.
  • Heavy-duty, 1.5-inch by 3-inch steel, singular tubular frame is fabricated with four engine frame isolation points to reduce cockpit vibration by 45%.

Click here for the complete specification for the Gravely Pro Turn 200 Series