Gravely Commercial 21 Series

Gravely Commercial 21 Series
When it comes to walk behind performance, we are alway out front. That's because we start with the operator in mind to design a quicker, more comfortable user experience. From the handlebar to the hubs and every detail in between, we have a mower dialed in to put the finishing touches on any professional job.

  • 9-inch cast aluminum wheels feature sealed ball bearing and steel stabilizer bushings for smooth operation on rough terrain.
  • Cast aluminum deck with steel side wear guards is designed to stand up to everyday impacts.
  • Dial in your cutting height, chooseing from multiple cutting positions varying from 1-inch to 4-inches.
  • Adjust the hendlebar to the perfect height so that you can cut at your comfort level.
  • Three speed shift-on-the-fly transmission allows you to adjust to mowing conditions with ease.
  • Over-engineered rear axle hubs with zerk fittings and dust seals so they don't lock up.

Click here for the complete specification for the Gravely Commercial 21 Series