Gravely Power Brush Series

Gravely Power Brush Series
The Gravely Power Brush separates the pros from the pretenders. Choose from a 28-inch or 36-inch wide model and put the finishing touches on a job well done. From snow and slush, salt and sand, to gravel, grime or just general gunk, Gravely all-season, multi-functional brushes are built to clear out any business that has no business being on your territory. 

  • Subaru engine delivers optimized performance in any weather.
  • Automatic traction control provides enhanced maneuverability and effortless steering.
  • 40-degree brush head rotation and operator controlled pivot lock.
  • Height adustment system accomodates to varying surfaces and minimizes brush wear.
These videos show the effectiveness of the Gravely Power Brush in snow, slush and grass.
Click here for the complete specification for the Gravely Power Brush Series