Wood is Making a Big Comeback

During the 1870s, wood produced 75% America’s energy. But over the years, coal and then oil, reduced wood use until by 1972, wood accounted for only 1% of the energy used in the United States. In the 1970s, the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the energy crisis helped make wood an attractive alternative again.

More recently, environmental concerns and strict EPA regulations have helped wood stoves really come into their own. EPA-certified stoves now burn 72-82% more cleanly than those of the past, making wood’s former reputation as a dirty fuel obsolete. Wood has a much higher BTU capacity than gas, and wood is also a renewable resource. Trees are being replanted at an unprecedented rate, which also helps improve air quality, as trees use carbon dioxide to produce more oxygen. Additionally, buying firewood keeps your energy dollars in the local economy.

What Does all This Mean to You?
You can count on wood being around as a reliable source of fuel for years to come. You don’t have to be dependant on foreign fuel sources. And you will stay warm even if your power goes out.

Why Choose Wood?
Wood can be very economical, while also offering the additional benefits of a beautiful flame, relaxing warmth, and a romantic ambiance.

When purchasing wood, you can buy seasoned wood, or you can buy less expensive greenwood to split and stack yourself. If you live on a woodlot and have time and energy, you can produce your own firewood.

Many people count on woodcutting and splitting to get them outside, using it as a form of exercise. There’s an old-fashioned satisfaction in seeing the results of your labors, and a feeling of independence in producing your own fuel. You can also choose your fuel. Different woods have different qualities; some are notable for being easy to split, others for their BTU capacity.

Wood is one of the most romantic, beautiful and satisfying ways to heat your home. Article: compliments of Hearthstone Fireplaces.