Stove Brightâ

Because of the high temperature involved, stove paints are formulated to be used in very particular ways. This is presented as a guide for the distributor and the dealer to determine what caused a problem with STOVE BRIGHTâ stove paint in particular; however, most recommendations will be similar for other major brands.

Most stoves in the U.S. and Canada are manufactured using one of about five different brands of stove paint. As far as we are determined, most of these brands can be top coated with Forrest STOVE BRIGHTâ stove paint. The one exception is the DeRusto paint contains large amount of graphite which is oily and hard to stick to, and also contains a resin which will be "lifted" or peeled from the surface when repainted. We do not recommend repainting a stove previously painted with DeRusto without completely removing the old paint.

The two largest selling brands of stove paint are Thermalox and STOVE BRIGHTâ . Years of testing have shown that either paint can be used over the other without a problem. Proper care must be used, however when repainting any stove.