Plug Spray Tips

4. Plugged Spray Tips

Inside the spray can there is a plastic tube which goes to the bottom of the can. The paint is then drawn into the bottom of the tube from the bottom of the can. If, in storage, any material separated in the tube, it could be slightly different from the standard paint. When first spraying an aerosol can, it is essential to spray one or two seconds onto a non-critical surface like a newspaper. This clears out the tube. Make sure your finger is not extending over the front of the nozzle. If it does, paint will collect on the tip of your finger and spit onto the stove, causing spots. "Can Guns" are available at most paint and hardware stores to depress the nozzle using a trigger. This will prevent the finger problem.

After using a spray can partially and if you intend to keep the remainder, turn it upside sown and spray until colored material no longer comes out of the can. By turning the can upside down, the paint is discharged from the tube because the tube has been removed from the paint.